Ep. 025 - Tuna in Olive Oil sa #KusinaNiKayne
by JM Kayne on

Ep. 024 - Bagoong w/ Kamias sa #KusinaNiKayne
by JM Kayne on

Ep. 023 - Tinolang Manok as #KusinaNiKayne
by JM Kayne on

EATventures w/ #TheKokobears 002 - @ WOKYO by JM Kayne
by JM Kayne on


Meet KAYNE :)

Hello! I am JM Kayne. :)

This blog is a dedicated page for the food that I cook, so I called it #KusinaNiKayne!

For other stories of my life you can visit www.iamjmkayne.com

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